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Those hard working Romanian escorts

10 September 2019

Today we sing the praises of those hard working Romanian escorts in London. These young ladies are among the hardest working girls in London today. So it helps a lot that there are so many of them widely available throughout all areas of London. And of course the beauty of booking them through Butterfly Touch Escorts is that they can be brought to your door anywhere in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And yes, that includes Christmas and New Year.

One goes and another comes along

This is the turnaround for Romanian escorts. There is literally an inexhaustible supply of them. So even if one or more of them go home for Christmas, you can count on an equal number (or more) to take their place. They love it over here in London because they can earn so much more money than over in their own country. Many of them are even highly qualified, or students. It’s just that Romania remains quite a poor country and they don’t have the earning potential over there, like they can have in London. Regardless of what they do for a living. Besides all of that, these Romanian beauties also have a wonderful time. They love the shopping, the restaurant and club scene, and most of all they love being spoiled by all our London escort punters. And if there’s any escort that knows how to fully appreciate the efforts you make for them, then it has to be a Romanian escort.

Count on Romanian London escorts

Because they love all this so much, you can always count on them to offer an excellent service. When you book a Romanian they will make you feel incredibly welcome in their home. It’s in their culture to make you feel welcome, and it’s also in their culture as women to make their men feel very special indeed. We have it on good authority that Romanian men just don’t compare to the way a western man treats his girlfriend or lover, so it’s not surprising that they perform so very well. Just keep in mind that they may well be as attracted to you as you are to them.

Take a look at all of our London escorts available today and see if you can spot the Romanians among them. It’s quite easy – they’re the beautiful ones!