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Being prepared and getting out of drinks with colleagues

17 December 2018

Having a London escort hobby makes you pretty clever when it comes to hiding your tracks and making excuses, doesn’t it? We have a few extra ideas for those of you new to our little community and we’re only too happy to share them with you.

Are you one of those guys who goes out after work with friends/colleagues? Do you end up in the pub having a couple of pints, or perhaps more that you end up regretting? Well we have the perfect way to get out of it, and make a booking with a one of our playful London escort instead. We call it “the multi-use SMS method”.

It relies on you having a wife or partner that never actually ever meets up with your work colleagues. If the two ever meet, your cover is totally blown; make no mistake about it. Basically, your escort habit can be hidden from your wife by your work colleagues, and your escape from your work colleagues can be achieved by using your wife. You go to the toilet in the pub, you go onto our website and choose a girl. You give us a call or send us a message, and we send you a confirmation text. It’s this confirmation text that works the magic however, so you need to ensure that you’re out of the toilet by the time we send it. And be warned, it doesn’t take us long to sort out your booking for you.

Make your excuses

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You will have returned to your table, or area of the bar by the time you get the message hopefully. Then you need to use your acting skills. Make sure your phone is out on the table or in earshot of at least one of your colleagues, but don’t show them the front of the screen of course. When you get the message from us to confirm your booking, simply behave like it came from your wife or girlfriend. Complain about how you can never do what you want etc. etc. and then take your leave.

This way your wife thinks you are with your work colleagues, and your work colleagues think that you’re being the dutiful husband/boyfriend and rushing off home to be a good boy. Although we know just what you’re up to!


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Wouldn’t you prefer to be spending your money on the company of a playful London escort? When you consider the amount of money you spend in the pub on booze, and perhaps food too, won’t actually be far off the amount you would pay for an hour’s incall with one of our sexy London escorts; at least not considering the price of drinks in London pubs these days! Everyone always ends up buying a round don’t they?

On top of that, if you over indulge and stay out really late, you may need to pay for a cab journey home or at least to a station so you can get home. It’s not a cheap affair going out these days is it? So, let’s have a little recap. Going out drinking with your friends or co lleagues after work is expensive, and oftentimes all you get from it is a headache the next day. Booking a sexy blonde GFE escort who specialises in tantric and other forms of naturist sensual massage, isn’t much more expensive, you don’t have a headache the next day. And in fact, they make you feel absolutely fantastic!