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Booking a London escort for 30 minutes

11 March 2019

Yes, it really can be done! Most escort hobbyists are aware of this, but it isn’t every agency in London that offers 30 minutes incall escort service. Well, to be fair it’s not the agencies that offer the service, it’s the girls. Here at Butterfly Touch we have just introduced a new 30 minute escort gallery. The girls on there are the same as the ones we have in our main gallery of course, but we have filtered out any of them that don’t offer this service. You’ll be surprised at how many of them are happy to see you for just 30 mins actually!

Make your lunch hour worthwhile with a 30 min London escort

It’s not rocket science to guess where we’re going with this! These girls are perfect for a lunch time booking if you work in Central London or the West End. For example, if you work in the Gloucester Road area, or you’re just a quick walk or cab ride away, you’ll be happy to hear that there are girls waiting there for you. Nicole is in that area, as too is Antonia. Selena and Lilian are there too, and the new girl Amanda. We’re sure we’re missing some out here, but you can just head on over to our main gallery of London escorts and you’ll spot one you like, in all areas, not just Gloucester Road. A little tip for you, if you’re looking for girls in Gloucester Road, just remember that Earls Court is literally a couple of minutes walk away too!


Just to distract you for a moment with a side note. Speaking of Lilian, she has a pretty good review over on some of the independent review sites out there. Here’s a link to one she has on Punternet.com. We’re pretty sure that this guy had a lovely time with Lilian, and we know that you will too if you book her!

Don’t expect miracles in 30 mins!

It’s important for you to understand that your 30 min escort isn’t going to turn into a robot and go on “ultra fast most” just because you can’t afford to book her for an hour, or you don’t have time. You’ll always have a good service from one of the girls at Butterfly Touch, but there are only so many things you can do in that time. But don’t worry about it too much. Your escort will realise that you have certain expectations and she will know that you want the best from your booking. These are professional 30 min escorts, used to dealing with these bookings all the time. It is really best to let them lead the way to be honest. They know the best way to achieve the best results every time!

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