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London escort services

12 June 2019

This isn’t an article we get great pleasure out of writing to be perfectly honest. However, it does become necessary from time to time. We need to remind our clients just where we stand on this issue, and how we can best service them.

Virtually every client likes to know just what they can do with their London escort. This is natural, and we understand that. If you are paying a certain fee for any service, you want to know what you are getting or the qualifications of the service provider. It’s the same from a mechanic to an electrician. However, when it comes to hire London escorts it’s a little different.

Listing London escort services

At Butterfy Touch we try to strike some “middle ground” when it comes to escort services. We are not an agency that makes claims about services without the girls knowing what we are saying. But we are also not an agency that is prepared to discuss services, or be held responsible for the performance of any one of our agency escort girls. We get around this difficult position by agreeing to list what our girls want us to list. We are after all their agency, so it’s our responsibility to represent them the way they want to be seen. As well as represent them in the most marketable way, across multiple platforms.

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However, we would like to make it very clear to all of our clients that the lists of escort services on each of the girls’ profiles, are just guidelines. The girls are very aware of this too. This is important and for a very good reason.

The reason is that they are all human beings basically, subject to changes in mood, and many other things. They have feelings and desires, the same as you. What we are driving at here is the fact that they may sometimes choose not to do what they have listed on the website. The list of “services” are more accurately described as things they like doing, much more than things they are guaranteed to do every time.

London escorts use their discretion

Put yourself in the shoes of a London escort for a moment. Not literally of course, we’re quite sure that you wouldn’t fit into their heels. You may not feel particularly like doing something with a client for a very good reason. But your reasons are your own and you owe no explanations. It has been made very clear by us and any other agency we would imagine, that the money you pay your escort, is simply money to spend time with them. It does not give you an automatic right to order them to do this and that.

Our advice to you would be to chat with your escort as soon as you meet and get any of these issues out of the way. You should discuss how you would like your date to progress and what both of your expectations are for the time you have agreed upon. If you are not happy with the arrangement, you can then leave without having to go through with a booking you would rather not have.

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