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The new European London Escorts

22 January 2020
New London escort Vivian

We’ve been at it again. We have been adding even more lovely ladies to the website, just for you. We’re very proud to introduce a number of new Butterfly Touch girls for your amusement, and we are very confident that they’ll be all that you want them to be. We haven’t come this far in the sensual massage escort business, not to know what we’re doing when we select a girl to put online.

Firstly, we’d like to say a word or two about the photoshopping of the girls’ photos. Sadly, many European escorts don’t really get it when it comes to this. They’re keen to get glamorous pictures and have themselves look fabulous. But what they don’t realise is that the average hobbyist views these images very differently. A girl may look at her pictures and think they look wonderful, but a client often believes that she doesn’t look anything like it.

Most of the time they are right, the girls do not look like their pictures. Someone really needs to talk to the girls about their pictures when they get them done. Sadly, they are often exploited by photographers who want to make much more money and they charge the girls for edits etc. Then they over edit the pictures, but make the girls look as though they’re too perfect. It’s very flattering for a young woman, particularly if she has some body confidence issues anyway.

The selfies

The best way to find out what they really look like, or as close to it as you can get, is to view the girls in our Selfie London escorts gallery. Here is where you will find all the girls who have selfies on their profile page. So, you won’t have to waste your time with any others. However, we do urge you to view all the girls, because we are not in the habit of listing those that we know are nothing like their pictures.

New London escort Abygail

Introducing Vivian

Vivian is our new cute young blonde escort in the London – Mayfair area. She’s relatively new to the escort business, but she’s already making a lot of people very happy, including us. We are getting regular bookings for her, and she has a lovely personality, even if her pictures are a little overdone! You’re going to have a great time with her from only £200!

Introducing Abygail

Abygail is our new cute young brunette escort in the London – Earls Court area. She has a fabulous, natural young body, supple and firm where it needs to be. She has beautiful, ample boobs, and a lovely ass that you’ll just want to spank. You be careful to ask her permission before you do however, this one is a feisty young thing and confident enough to tell you to “sling your hook!”

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