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Upgrade your London escort experience

18 January 2019

Are you a regular at the agency? Or are you just a regular London escort hobbyist at any agency? It doesn't matter to us of course, but we thought we'd take the opportunity considering it's now 2019, to convince you to have even more fun! Have you ever thought about it? You must have, surely!

We have some new girls at Butterfly Touch, and they're really good. They also specialise in various techniques too etc. so you might want to take a look in the gallery and then their individual profiles to find out more. There's one other thing that the new girls (and indeed the regulars) specialise in, and that's extended bookings. Now this is the first and most logical way to upgrade your London escort experience of course, just to simply book longer!

You don't have to spend more

When you book longer with a girl you can simply miss out on your next booking. We realise that this will be hard for you of course, but we encourage you to try perhaps a two hour booking, rather than your usual one hour. You would be amazed at just what you can do with two hours of fun and a beautiful young escort. And if you're uncertain, we are positive that she will help you work it out!

London hotel visiting escorts

Spend a little more on your date

Or you could go the other way and spend more! You do know that women in general cost a lot of money don't you? Well, they do in conventional life. Not in the London escorts community they don't though! You see in this business you can have a date with a beautiful young London escort and have it go exactly how you plan it, and you just pay a one off fee. With a regular girl, you have to spend time getting to know them, then take them out several times, and sometimes this isn't even a guarantee!

So why not skip to the date where you get results? Spend the extra money and take one of the girls to dinner. It's one of those things you'll only regret if you don't do it at least once. And 2019 is the perfect time, it's a new year! You can't beat having dinner with a woman so beautiful and attentive that you're never likely to meet anyone else like her. And why not have that "dinner date escort" experience that so many men crave? It will help you feel as though you're still in the dating "zone," so to speak!

Upgrade with a sensual massage escort

There is a way to upgrade your London escort experience in another way, without spending any extra money of course. Well, sometimes this will cost a little extra, but not often. We're talking about a nice intimate sensual massage with your London massage escorts. As you already know, we are the agency to go to for girls who excel at tantric services and everything connected to them. There's nothing quite like a sensual massage services, but you need to make sure you get a professional one at all costs.