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Why escorts choose to escort

24 October 2019
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There are many theories, shared by many different people about why girls decide to become professional escorts in London Sadly, these are rarely the reasons given by the actual girls in question. Luckily, we’re an agency that actually takes time out to learn about the girls we represent and try to ascertain what drives them. We will be brutally honest with you, what drives each and every one of them is money, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. Not least because money drives us all to work for a living, right? Without it we wouldn’t be able to live, and with more of it, we live more comfortably. It’s very basic logic really.

However, this isn’t what we’re getting at in todays article. We are examining what it is that makes them think they would be good at this career. What is the initial thought that goes through their head? Why don’t they take a job elsewhere?

Disspelling the myth

We have all heard the popular myths surrounding escorting. Some people say that girls are forced to do it, and that they have no choice. Some believe that the girls are on drugs and need to fund their habit. There are many others of course, but they all share one thing in common. They are all believed and spread around by those who haven’t the first clue about the business. By those who have never been in the business, and those who have never even booked an escort. These are myths delivered to you by popular culture and worst cases in the media. Tens of thousands of girls across the globe choose to pursue escorting as a serious career. We are also confident that there would be a whole lot more, if they had access to the right contacts to enable them.

There is no massive criminal organisation over the vast majority of this business. We won’t deny that there are more than likely bad people who exploit others, but this is very rare indeed. And this is certainly not something we have anything to do with. Were we to get even the slightest whiff of human trafficking we would take the girl off our website and report our concerns to the authorities as soon as possible. Just to show you how often this kind of thing takes place, we have never, not once had these fears. The girls come to us independently, and never show any signs of control or that they are not happy in any way. Wherever this does take place, you won’t find it happening at professional reputable London escort agency like ours, or our competitors.

The truth from the girls

Most get into the business because they love the very idea of it. Their initial thoughts are that they love being with men, and they love intimate encounters with men, so they believe they will be good as London escorts. Or escorts wherever they are in the world of course. It’s just that London seems to be the place where all the girls who are actually serious about their job tend to gravitate towards. They usually incorporate this career choice with something else. So for example, if there is a Russian girl who wants to see a little of the world, she will more than likely contact a London agency ahead of schedule. She will get listed, fly over and take an apartment in Central London. Most girls lodge with a friend too, so that they are not so lonely and they feel a little safer. This way the girls manage to see a little of London, they get to spend their money and have a good time. You must remember that most are very young women, keen to experience all life has to offer, and keen to party.

Most girls who come to an agency tend to know a girl who has already been to London, or who is currently here. A lot of these young London escorts get recommended to an agency, and then we investigate to see if she would be suitable or not. It really doesn’t get much more complicated than that.

Gateway Careers

There are certain gateway careers, so to speak. Jobs that the girls have done at a time when it suited their needs, that have then logically progressed into escorting. Strippers are a very common convert for the London escort industry. In fact, you will find that many strippers working in London today, also offer escorting services and can be found on some agency websites. Some of them operate and advertise independently of course, but we never recommend booking independent escorts because they are not responsible to anyone but themselves. At least if you book a stripper escort, you can be sure that she looks the business, and that she’s more than likely physically fit! TOP London escort girl


It’s also a wonderful part time career for students who are over here. They come over to carry on their studies and learn better English, or they come over here when they are on a break from their respective universities in Russia, Romania etc. We find it quite amusing that sometimes a girl will come to London for the first time, study some English and then leave. Then when she returns next time we can hear just how much her English language skills have improved. So, really when you think about it, they have found the perfect way to learn how to speak English. Getting paid stacks of money to learn another language must be very liberating and satisfying indeed.

Resident Londoners

It may surprise you to hear that some of the girls you see in our gallery have been there for a very long time. This is because they are actually resident in London permanently. They have been over on tour before and realised that they love it so much they don’t want to return home. So they have chosen to take a residence here. They have their own bank accounts, pay their own taxes and contribute as much to the National economy as anyone else does (mostly a lot more actually!)