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Your escort resolutions for 2020

6 March 2020

We’re into a new decade at last, leaving the “naughties” behind to embrace the twenties. Let’s make them the roaring twenties, shall we? And you can begin this by making some New Year Resolutions when it comes to your escorting hobby. This exclusive hobbyist’s club has been good to us, and we know only too well that it’s been good to you too, but is there more you can be getting from it?

Set some goals

Setting goals when you’re a hobbyist is the new thing. It’s the only way you’re ever going to get the most out of the hobby. The first of these is arguably the most important. Vowing to choose a different girl each time you book. With the amount of eastern European and Russian escorts flooding into London these days, you’d be doing yourself and them a disservice not to book them.

If you booked a young, slim teenage escort, why not book yourself an older, curvier model next time. The great thing about most London agencies these days is that there is no shortage of choice. Gone are the days when all you could find were skinny Romanian girls that only differed by the colour of their hair. Hell, at one point they even all wore the same type of clothes. This is not our idea of variety. And you know what they say about variety? It’s “the spice of life”.

If you’re a regular, you may book a girl a week, or perhaps a month, depending on what you can afford. If you really want to shake up your routine and switch the girl each time, do as our receptionists about the girls. We would hate for you to make the wrong decision based on your preferences. No-one here wants you to book a girl you don’t like, but try to be open-minded about it and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Busty escort Alice

Different experiences

This one isn’t always possible, but if you can, try to tick this one off your list. If you usually book an incall escort experience, why not try an outcall? If you live in London, or you’re staying in a hotel or apartment, it’s easy enough if you’re single. Not so easy if you have a partner of course, but if you’re willing to take the risk when he or she is out, the rewards can be very exhilarating. There is a certain risky thrill to having another woman over to your place and not being detected.

Of course, it works the other way around too. You may well come to London regularly and have girls visit your apartment or hotel room. Why not switch that up and experience the thrill of going to an incall booking? Whichever way you decide to do it, switch at least once. We promise you that the thrill of the experience will be very special indeed. And if you are concerned about incall escort apartments and their location, there really is no need. All the girls have perfectly safe and discreet apartments. They are clean and tidy, with everything you need. The girls will make you feel very welcome, and they’re also a lot more comfortable themselves when they’re in their own place, so this is something else to consider.

Read and write escort reviews

This is something that we battle with as an agency constantly. Getting people to write reviews. It has become part of the fabric of a successful agency these days, and too few of you are actually writing reviews on independent websites. However, it has come to our attention that we may not have made it clear exactly what benefits there are in it for you as a hobbyist.

As an escort enthusiast, becoming a member of a website like Punternet for example, is a very important tool in your hobby box, so to speak. If you go along to the website and search recent reviews, you will find loads of genuine and honest reviews written by people just like yourself, detailing their experiences with escort girls throughout the UK; especially London. These reviews will be from agencies all over, as well as for individual independent escorts. It’s often a very good idea to check here before you book anyone. But equally important of course for you to add your own review. It takes less than a couple of minutes to sign up for an account on Punternet and it’s all anonymous too.

Let us know!

If you do review one of our girls let us know, so we can read it. You could become one of our biggest fans, and this doesn’t go unrewarded either! In fact, let us know if you try anything you’ve read in today’s article, we are fascinated by your world and ours, and we believe that we can bring us much closer together by understanding one another.

Enjoy lovely spring weather and have lots of fun!