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You’re not too old for a younger woman

28 August 2018

You may think it’s a cliché, but young women really do like older men. A hell of a lot of the too. Even those who say they don’t, actually do; they’re just trying to be different! This is often the reason why escorts enjoy their job so much. Because they are genuinely attracted to their clients in so many cases. Why else would you choose a career that put you in such close, intimate contact with older men, unless you were genuinely attracted to them?

What’s the attraction?

Experience is one of the main attractions of course. Younger women feel happier with a more confident and experienced man. A man who doesn’t feel it necessary to show off or prove himself any longer. Well, the fact that younger women are attracted to him is actually a reward for the time he’s been around, and all he has dealt with we suppose. The younger men have to “do their time” before this reward. And when they’re young, they may well enjoy the company of younger women, but they’ll never know the appreciation an older man has for them!

Able to care for himself

Older single men don’t often need anyone to take care of them. They’re happy enough on their own and well able to care for themselves. They’re often home owners and financially secure too, so this is another massive bonus to a younger woman. And also very attractive and surprisingly sexual. We suppose it’s the whole feeling of security and safety. Basically finding a potential partner they could have for the rest of their days.

The finance thing doesn’t really effect young London escortsof course. These young ladies are not searching for a potential life partner (or perhaps they are? Who really knows?) Our girls like older guys for their experience and their knowledge of how to treat women etc. That and the fact that they find the older man on average to be very physically and mentally attractive.

Take advantage

So if you’re an older guy in the market for a younger woman, trust yourself. Trust that you have what she wants, what she needs. If you have that confidence in yourself, we’re certain that you will succeed. Go for it! Approach that young woman you see in the coffee shop, don’t be afraid. The results may just amaze you! Or simply browse ouryoung London escorts gallery.