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A literal London escort gem: Meet Ruby

1 April 2019

It gives us enormous pleasure to present you with yet another new girl at Butterfly Touch. If you’re a regular at the agency you will no doubt have seen her in the London escorts gallery. Or perhaps you have had even had the pleasure of her company already?

Whilst we are talking about any of you who may have seen young Bayswater escort Ruby, we’d like to ask you a favour. She is such a lovely young London escort and we would very much like her to do very well in this business. So if you are the type to leave reviews, we would like to ask you kindly to do this for her. You can feedback to us of course, as usually, but your review would mean much more if you could places it on one of the fabulous independent escort review sites. You can post on: Captain 69, Punternet, Punterchat, The Erotic review, or even Punterlink. We are certain that Ruby would really appreciate it too!

Ruby London escort

A little about Ruby

She is, as you will have noticed already, a teenage London escort. She also looks very young indeed! Don’t let this deter you if you are attracted to younger women. We have verified her age and it’s real! We’re betting that practically every woman wishes they could stay this young looking. There is certainly something in Ruby’s gene pool for sure. We expect that she will eventually age very well and continue to be very popular in this business if she choses to carry on.

Whilst Ruby’s English isn’t the best, she does very well and she is very capable to engage in stimulating conversation. She is also incredibly keen to improve and she is a patient, dedicated learner who doesn’t get herself frustrated when she struggles to understand. Ruby is very bright and very confident and well capable of entertaining even the most discerning clients among you. She does however have quite the preference for older men, who are genuinely kind and thoughtful.

You’ll have a wonderful time with Ruby, we’re sure!