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A weekend away with an escort

2 April 2019

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have a weekend away with a beautiful escort girl? It’s entirely possible you know. Whilst we don’t do this often, there are occasions when a client wants to have a holiday. But he wants a very special type of holiday, with a very special holiday escort. It just so happens that we are one of the few escort agencies in London that can set this up for you. If you choose to go away, we can fix you up with your perfect companion.

Holiday escorts

London escort

We could safely say that all the girls you see in our main London escort gallery are holiday escorts. They are all excellent company. Most of them speak very good English too, and they are all very confident and sure of themselves. When you go away anywhere in the world and take an escort with you, you need to know that you can converse with them and have fun.

You can go practically anywhere within reason. If the girl you want to book is eligible for travel outside of the UK, you could fly her away for a week or so on holiday even. However, if you have yet to take a girl away with you on holiday, it may be best to stick to a weekend away in the UK. You can have a lovely country break in the lakes or the Yorkshire Dales. Or you could go for a busier weekend away and have a City Break. There are plenty of places to choose from.

Driving away with a London escort

It’s quite an exhilarating feeling taking a London escort out of London. Take your car, or rent one for the weekend and drive off with her for a mini adventure. It’s not often that they do get to leave London really. Mostly they’re sitting in their apartments waiting for the phone to ring so they can have another booking. But if you decide you want to take them away for the whole weekend, you can imagine their appreciate we’re sure! You are likely to have one very happy young escort lady on your hands for the whole weekend. Your trip would be as much fun for her as it would for you (well almost!)

Most London escorts believe that the UK is pretty much like London. We know this is so far from the truth it’s unreal. Can you imagine taking one of these young Russians up to Yorkshire to a bed and breakfast for the night before going on a hike in the dales? We can tell you now, they would be surprised, but very pleased. It’s always worth getting out of the city when you live there all the time. And you may be forgetting, a lot of these young women come from smaller villages across Eastern Europe too, so the countryside will be a very welcome sight for them after being in London!

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