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Preparing for an escort outcall

9 April 2019

It’s surprising just how many of you have no idea at all about how to prepare for an outcall escort booking. We are not referring to any escort dinner dates or other occasions that may lead you to be spending time with your chosen girl out in public of course. Tips about these are for another day. Today we’re talking about a much more basic idea of what to do and how to prepare for an escort girl coming to your hotel.

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The rules are simple

You’ve all had girls back to your place before we’re sure. When you invite your girlfriend back to your place for the first time, what’s the first thing you make sure you’ve done? Tidy up! Yes, that’s it. In the past, when you’ve invited a girl back to your place, you’ve probably spent the entire day hovering and clearing away filth. Granted, you don’t have to do this in a hotel room. Hopefully for you, the room you’re staying in will already be clean enough for you. But you do need to make sure that it’s nice and tidy and comfortable for your outcall London escort when she arrives. There’s nothing worse than one of our girls walking into a hotel room that’s got a load of rubbish all over, underpants on the floor and stinky wet towels all over!

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Speaking of wet towels, there’s something you will need to know here. Most of the girls we represent are sensual massage escorts. This means that they will probably end up giving you an intimate massage at some point during the evening. This in turn means that they may use some form for of oil or gel, that they will need to wash off. So do everyone a favour and have at least one clean and dry towel hanging up for her to use when she wants to. Make sure your bathroom is tidy.


Whether it’s your apartment, or a rental apartment, the same rules apply of course. Have a tidy around. You don’t have to tidy every room of course if there are more than one. Just the ones you are likely to use with your outcall London escort. She’s not going to need to go into the utility room and do a load of washing whilst she’s there is she? Remember that you don’t have to go over the top to sort it out, just put your mess in another room if you like and it’s easier. If it’s your place, make sure you have changed your sheets in case you go to the bedroom for a massage. Spray a little air freshener, and if you are a smoker, please don’t smoke during your session, and open some windows before you outcall escort arrives.

There, that’s simple enough right? Now Check our beautiful outcall London escorts to choose one.