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Made in Chelsea: The real Chelsea girls

13 November 2019

Made in Chelsea is back on our TV screens, and we just know that there are some of you out there that would much rather watch paint dry than listen to those whining, spoiled little rich kids. Their only accomplishments in life are the fact that they got chosen to appear on that dreadful TV show, and without it, they’d just be one of many pretty elitist little shits, born with plumbs in their mouth. There, after that damning critique, allow us to get the to point of our modest little blog post today. By far the best Chelsea girls are actually Chelsea escorts. And before you ask, no, they don’t have to be British. Hell, one of the actual Made in Chelsea cast members isn’t British anyway. And we would probably argue that she’s one of the fittest on the show.

Escorts in Kensington and Chelsea

The real girls are the escorts. And they knock all those TV stars out of the water when it comes to looks and personality. Let’s face it, those so called actors are personality vacuums, right? All they have to talk about are plans to go on holiday, or where to have lunch, and who is sleeping with who. The stories you will hear from one of the Chelsea escorts we have available to you, will be out of this world. And what’s even more important than that is the fact that the girls we introduce you to, will actually have an interest in you. This interest they have in their clients is not contrived either, it’s genuine. This is why they are so very good at what they do for a living. You’ll always find professional career London escorts at Butterfly Touch.

You could end up dining in the same restaurant as the cast from Made in Chelsea. Only you’ll be dining with someone who is actually interesting! And you should never think for a moment that the girls we have from all over the world are not as sophisticated as the TV stars. Wouldn’t you rather be with a girl who has travelled the world and has experience in so many social situations? She’s not likely to bitch and moan like some of those Made in Chelsea girls either. Professional London escorts have a lot more to be thinking about. They love their life and take it very seriously indeed.

Escorts from outside of Kensington and Chelsea

If you are residing outside the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, you can always give us a call and see if one of our Kensington escorts will travel to your location. They’re pretty versatile, as long as it’s not too ridiculously far away from where they are. There may be a little extra to pay for when it comes to travel expenses, and it will depend on what time of day or night you’re booking, but we’re sure we can accommodate your needs. And remember, none of the escorts you see at Butterfly Touch are too far away. A simple tube ride, cab ride or an uber, will get you to the door of an escort in under half an hour.

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