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Take your time with a massage escort

26 November 2019
Sensual masseuse Nicole

Booking a London escort should always be an unhurried experience of course, but when you book a London massage escort, you should make even more of an effort to be in no hurry. Here at Butterfly Touch we specialise in some of the best tantric massage and sensual massage escorts in the city. They offer a wide range of massages and extra services and they never fail to please.

You see, whilst there are those independent escorts that like to hurry you out of the door, you’ll never get that from a Butterfly Touch girl. If there is ever any rushing, it’s usually the client that’s doing this. He’ll be in a hurry to experience as much as he can in the time he has booked. The trouble with this philosophy is that you can often end up not having as much fun. And the worst thing about it all is that it would be your fault.

Let your massage escort take the lead

If it’s time you’re worried about, please don’t. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only booked for an hour, the girls have seen numerous other clients before, so they know what they are doing. They know exactly how long it takes to do this or that, and they certainly know how much time is available to give you one of the best sensual massages you’re ever likely to experience. So never be in a hurry to do everything. Everything comes to he who waits, we believe the saying goes. And never before has an old saying been truer than this one.

You are never an exception to the rule gentlemen. You’re not unique in the respect that your service will be so different than any other’s. A massage is also meant to be relaxing, so you need to relax. Let her take the lead and show you what she can really do. If you’re in a hurry to do something else, you will miss everything. Not only that, you’re likely to irritate her too. Most of the girls who specialise in sensual massage are incredibly professional, and once they embark on delivering you the blissful experience you signed up for, they really do want to see things through and make you feel good. Trust them, they will allow for plenty of time before and after your sensual massage to hang out and do whatever else you had in mind.

Tell them about your body

If you have particular areas of your body that you don’t like to be touched, or areas that are painful, let your masseuse know as soon as you arrive. This is important so that you don’t disturb any of the spontaneity of the whole process. Don’t worry, she will remember what you told her, it’s nothing she hasn’t heard before. The same goes for anywhere on your body that you really like to be touched, or somewhere you think that she will be able to provide you some relief. Most girls have a very sound knowledge of therapeutic and sports massage too, so they won’t mind working on your legs if they’re playing up, or a particularly bad back for instance. They are there to make you feel fantastic and they will do everything in their power to do this.

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