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The more affordable London escorts

11 December 2019
Sensual masseuse Nicole

This is a highly debatable issue we’re having today. Some would argue that the more affordable choices, or the cheap London escorts, are the best. Some say that the most expensive girls are the best. We’re here today to discuss both these but argue that you can actually get all you want from a more affordable option.

There are two types of London escort in this community of ours. There are those that want to make a lot of money, and there are those that want to do this, but have a lot of fun too. The first group don’t care that much about how much fun they have. The problem with this is that when anyone doesn’t care about having fun, the less likely they are to care whether anyone else has any.

Expensive escorts

You need to be careful about very high-priced escorts. We can’t say that this is unequivocal in all the girl currently residing in London, but it’s certainly true of the majority. Those that are charging over £600 an hour for their time are not out to have fun. These women are deliberately putting their prices high, so that they only get booked for a single hour by regular hobbyists. They don’t care about enjoying themselves, and they’re not likely to care whether you do.

What these women want are hobbyists who can afford to book them all night long, and then lavish them with gifts and tips too. This is a serious, what we like to call “hardened” career call girl. We have nothing against career escorts, all of our girls are like this. But the hardened ones are the ones who are literally just chasing the money these days. This means if she wants to have a very quiet week, she can probably get away with only doing a handful of bookings (if that!)

Here at Butterfly Touch, we tend to avoid girls that charge this sort of fee. Not only are we not keen on their philosophies, we don’t believe they fit in with the other girls on the website anyway. There’s little to be gained from putting a girl in your London escort gallery that’s three times the price of all the others. She’s not going to get booked, no matter how beautiful she is.

Not necessarily a better service

This is a very important point to make. We just mentioned that it wouldn’t matter how beautiful the girl was. This is indeed the case when we agree to represent. We wouldn’t care if the woman was a movie star, we wouldn’t bother representing her, because our clients just don’t want to pay that sort of money.

Besides all of that, just how much more can any girl do for that extra money anyway? Without going into any detail, the difference between a £150 escort and a £600 escort, can’t be their appearance, it has to be in the service doesn’t it? After all, we have seen plenty of stunning £150 escorts, and some not so fantastic looking girls for £600. But the questions remains, what more could the expensive girl do? Without going into any details here, all you have to do is look at the list of escort services that some of our girls say they offer when you visit their profile pages. That’s pretty much everything that you could possibly do with another human being right there. There’s literally nothing left, is there? So why pay three times the amount?

Cheap London escorts

So before you right off the cheaper girls in London, make sure you consider what we have written. And it’s not so much as a self serving piece we’ve presented you with, just because we offer cheap girls, it’s more of an information article about all agencies and independent girls. Always have a good long think about what more you could actually be getting for that money. It’s also worth thinking that, if you can afford £600 an hour, why not book a £200 girl for three hours instead? You’re probably going to have much more fun, and not least because the £200 girl is actually doing this job because she loves it too!